How Do You Make A Detailed Human Brain Model Out Of Clay?

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1 Answer

The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. It controls the functions of all other parts of the body. Any injury to this important organ can cause significant changes in behavior, personality, motor ability, memory and speech functions. Protected by the skull, the human brain is divided into lobes, cortexes and internal structures. Determine which items should be identified in the model brain because labeling all of these would create a model that is too complex. Review the detailed diagram of the human brain. Mold the white clay into a full brain shape with a left and right side that mirror each other. Include the occipital lobe section that hangs below the main brain. Include the spinal cord if desired. Grasp the string firmly in both hands and cut the brain model in half through the middle section where the right and left halves join. Separate the two sections. Hollow out the right side of the brain slightly and set aside. Choose a different color of clay to represent ... more
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