How Do You Make A Dharma Initiative Jumpsuit Costume From Lost?

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2 Answers

Fans of Lost are no doubt familiar with the (standard issue) Dharma uniform worn by "The Others" as well as the Lostaways when they were transported to the Dharma camp in 1977. While you can purchase officially licensed jumpsuits, you can also make your own. Making your own requires a bit of searching for the right materials and a little creativity. Find a basic tan work coverall. While you can purchase these coveralls through retailers such as Dickies, you may be able to find used coveralls at local thrift stores. Finding tan may be a bit of a challenge, but if blue is your only option, you can opt for the dark blue such as those worn by the motor pool or work staff (such as Juliet or Kate). Open a copy of an appropriate Dharma Initiative logo in a photo editing program. Resize it until it is a suitable size for your Dharma jumpsuit. Print the logo on inkjet printable fabric. Cut the logo out of the sheet of fabric so that it can be ironed on or stitched onto the jumpsuit. Iron or ... more
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Dharma Initiative BadgeLOST Is one of the most popular TV series of all time. In order to look like someone from the Dharma Initiative, you can either buy one of the jumpsuits online or make it yourself.

In order to make your jumpsuit, go to a thrift store and buy a tan or navy blue jump suit. From there you can either paint on the Dharma logo or buy some iron-on paper to iron on the logo. Make sure to add your name as well as what department you are from (Swan, Rabbit, etc.). Pair these with some hiking boots or Nike Blazer shoes (designed for LOST). Make sure to look relatively disheveled because people on LOST rarely look like they shower.

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