How Do You Make A DIY Audio Rack?

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1 Answer

Do-it-yourselfers have long embraced plastic milk crates to create low-cost storage units, furniture and classy decor. Plastic milk crates are lightweight, durable and stackable, making them the perfect framework for a variety of installations. They also happen to be just the right size to hold rack mounted audio equipment, and their mesh-like construction works as a built-in cable management system. This step is optional. Spray paint your milk crate to match your studio, your guitar or your band/company logo. Or spray paint it flat black to make it as inconspicuous as possible. You may want to lightly sand the surfaces of the milk crate before painting to help the paint bond to the plastic. Alternatively, leave the milk crate as-is with dairy markings and all for that bohemian DIY look. Determine how many milk crates you need. A standard milk crate is 19 inches wide by about 12 inches tall. A standard rack mount device is 19 inches wide by 1.75 inches high. Things like power amps ... more
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