How Do You Make A Doll From A Plastic Soda Bottle?

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1 Answer

Make this doll out of a two-liter plastic soda bottle filled with kitty litter as a door stop to greet your guests. She can easily be assembled in an afternoon to add country charm to your home and is an excellent way to reuse and recycle those two-liter plastic soda bottles that take up space in our landfills. Dazzle a little girl in your life with a custom-created doll. Enhance her special collection with a doll that is unique to her style and color choices. Remove and discard the soda bottle label and cap. Clean out the bottle and allow to dry. Use the funnel to fill the bottle half full with kitty litter. Press the Styrofoam ball onto the bottle opening. Remove the ball. Apply glue to the indentation and the bottle opening. Replace the ball on the bottle opening. Allow to dry. Cut a 10" square of muslin. Cover the Styrofoam ball head with the muslin and gather around the neck. Tie with a piece of crochet cotton thread. Press and pull the edges of the muslin until it lays smooth ... more
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