How Do You Make A Driveway Drain?

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An incorrectly installed or older driveway that has settled over time may have or develop a low spot that requires a drain. If not drained off in the winter, the freezing water will deteriorate the driveway, causing cracks and pits. The contractor usually includes installation of a driveway drain during construction if a drain is needed. You can install a driveway drain with a few tools in about a day. Mark the location for the driveway drain with chalk. Create a 2-foot circle outline with the chalk to allow room for digging out the driveway. Cut a hole in the driveway within the chalk line with a hammer drill equipped with a cold chisel bit. Dig a 3-foot-deep trench with a shovel at a 90-degree angle, starting from the edge of the driveway. Measure the distance from the edge of the driveway to the drain area. Dig the trench the same distance away from the edge as the drain is from the edge. Drive a nail into the driveway at the edge of the hole for the drain. Leave enough of the ... more
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