How Do You Make A Dynamo Easily?

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1 Answer

Ever wanted to make your own dynamo like in those wind-up flashlights. This will tell you the two easiest ways. • Find a small hobby motor, those ones with some sort of wheel on the shaft. • Mount the motor on like a board or block of wood. • Find another bigger wheel and mount it on a pin or something on the same block of wood. • Put a handle on the bigger wheel. • Then get a rubber band and put it around the two wheels and start turning the handle. You can put a voltage regulator on the positive wire to stop from overloading whatever you are powering, about $1.89 at Radio Shack. • Get a roll of 26-28 gauge magnet wire at Radio Shack for $7.95. • Wrap a 10 to 15 foot length of wire around like a tub of margarine remembering to keep it as tight as possible at least 100 turns. • Then find a bar magnet about 1 - 1 1/2 inches long. • Drill a 7/16ths hole in the very middle of the magnet and put a 4 inch long upholstery needle through and glue it in place. • Mount the coil of wire on ... more
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