How Do You Make A Fat Suit Costume?

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1 Answer

Whether you are looking to make a costume for a costume party or for a stage show, fat suits can be used to give the illusion of obesity. Many costumes, such as that of a clown or sumo wrestler have a more realistic look when a fat suit is worn. Store-bought, premade fat suits can be very expensive. Instead of spending a lot of money on a fat suit, you can make your own at home using a Lycra bodysuit and foam sheeting from your local craft store, for much less money. Turn a flesh colored, Lycra bodysuit inside out. Use the largest body suit you can find. These are often available at plus-sized women's clothing stores or costume stores. If you cannot find a bodysuit, you can use a leotard and tights. Cut foam sheeting into strips. The size strips depends on your size and the size of your body suit. The goal is to have enough sheets to thoroughly line the inside of your bodysuit, but still allow enough room for you to get into the suit, too. The foam sheeting should be about 2 inches ... more
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