How Do You Make A Faux Fur Capelet?

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1 Answer

A short faux fur stole or capelet makes an attractive accessory for any special occasion. Buying a faux fur capelet retail can cost quite a bit of money. However, with just a little time and a few materials you can sew your own capelet in a style you like using the type of faux fur that you like best. Use an old sheet to make a pattern for the shape of cape you like. Start with a simple rectangle that is 40 inches by 12 inches. Try some other shapes as well. You could round the corners to see how you like that look. Or you could leave the top squared off, but give the bottom a semi-circle shape. Cut each shape out of the sheet using sharp scissors, and then drape them over your shoulder in turn to see which looks best. Use a fabric marker or pencil to trace your favorite pattern onto the fur fabric and the lining. Make your trace marks on the back side of the fur fabric and on the opposite side of the lining that you plan to have showing. This way, when you finish sewing your capelet, ... more
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