How Do You Make A Fiberglass Mold With Styrofoam?

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1 Answer

Fiberglass, a material most often used for casting prop objects, is also useful in making molds of plastic or Styrofoam template objects. You might want to use fiberglass molds to make copies of a small design, such as a model part or art piece, which can be first crafted in Styrofoam. Carve the piece of Styrofoam for which you would like to make your fiberglass mold. Shave and finish the outside of the Styrofoam object so that it is as smooth as possible, then coat the Styrofoam in a clear sealer and let it dry. Find the middle line of the Styrofoam object and mark it out, from one side of the base, over the top, to the other side of the base. Along this line, build up a thin wall of modeling clay that is at least as tall as you would like your fiberglass mold to be. Smooth out the modeling clay so that the division between the two sides of your Styrofoam object is as thin as possible. Apply wax mold release to both sides of the Styrofoam object and the modeling clay in several ... more
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