How Do You Make A Fish Shocker?

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1 Answer

A fish shocker was once a relatively popular way to harvest large numbers of fish from streams, rivers, ponds and lakes. Old timers often used the magneto from a hand crank telephone to provide the electrical power for the shocker, scooping up all the fish they wanted as the stunned fish floated to the water surface. Today, the practice is illegal in many states, except by licensed fish biologists who use the shocker to estimate and evaluate fish populations under carefully controlled conditions. The parts are still available for making a fish shocker, though you must find a legal place to use it. Here's how make a simple fish shocker. Step 1 Obtain the magneto and crank from a hand crank telephone. See the resource section for a source for magnetos. Step 2 Locate the positive and negative posts on the rear of the magneto. Step 3 Cut the #10 stranded wire into 2 15-foot lengths. Strip 2 inches of the insulation off one end of the 2 15-foot lengths. Attach the stripped end of one wire ... more
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