How Do You Make A Flower Bed Using An Old Tire?

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1 Answer

A flower bed using an old tire was very common many years ago. Today I really don't see that many. First you need to get an old tire. I suggest a tractor tire. You can go to a truck garage and get an old one for free. The reason they will give you one is because it cost the garage money to get rid of tires. After you get a huge tire(will be heavy)place in your back yard. The next step you will need lots of dirt. Now if you go to the store; this is going to cost you; I suggest asking around to see if someone has some dirt to get rid of. You will need a small pick up, shovel and gloves for your hands. Don't want blisters. Shovel the dirt in your pick up and take it home. Now start shoveling all the dirt in your tire. You will need a lot. Don't forget to wear old clothing; because you will get dirty. Your almost finished. Now you need flowers. This is the perfect time of year to plant tulips. Tulips come in all colors and will come back next year; so you don't have to keep putting out ... more
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