How Do You Make A Fluffy, Polar Fleece Boa Scarf?

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1 Answer

Ever wanted to make a fluffy, cute, polar fleece scarf to keep you warm in the winter? Here's how! Cut a 54 inch by 5 inch piece of polar fleece. Using the first piece as a guide, cut two more strips of polar fleece (the same size). They can be all different colors, two of the same color and one different, or all the same color. Line up the strips, piled on top of each other. (Sometimes polar fleece has a "back" side, so make sure that the front side is facing up). Sew a seam down the middle of the strips, making sure to match the colors of thread. Make sure the pieces stay lined up. You should start your seam about a quarter of an inch away from the end of the fleece. Begin to cut the fringe. Lay the scarf down and cut one side of it, stopping your cut about half an inch from the seam. Do this along both sides for the entire length of the scarf. The cuts should be spaced anywhere from half an inch to one inch apart. The wider the scarf, the farther apart the cuts should be. Wear and ... more
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