How Do You Make A Free-Standing Homemade Baby Gate?

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1 Answer

Free-standing baby gates combine the protection of a child gate with the convenience and portability of a playpen. Free-standing gates connect across a room and secure at each end, or the gates form into various shapes to create an enclosed play area. Best of all, the gate collapses and is easily stored when no longer needed. Retail free-standing gates are available, but expensive. If you want to keep your costs low, build your own free-standing baby gate; it requires very little actual building experience. Measure the length of the largest space you want blocked by the child gate. Measure how high you want the gate. Most gates are 2- to 2-and-a-half-feet high. For each three feet of gate length, you need two supports made of PVC pipe. PVC pipe and pipe assembly pieces can be found at all hardware and plumbing stores. Collect four PVC pipe joints and two PVC clips for each three-foot section of gate. Cut the PVC pieces to specification with the jigsaw. Construct the gate pieces, ... more
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