How Do You Make A Great Soybean Meal Carp Fishing Bait?

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1 Answer

This article will tell you how to make a great soybean meal carp bait. This bait is easy to make and will keep for weeks. First, get your bucket with the lid and add the ingredients in the following steps. Add 4 cups of soybean meal. Add 1 cup of cracked corn. Add 1 can of cream style corn. Add 1/2 bottle flavoring of your choice. Once you have added all of the ingredients to the bucket, stir and mix well. Then, snap the lid on the bucket and keep sealed until you're ready to fish. This bait can be used right away or it will keep for weeks. It will turn sour the longer you keep it, but the fish love it. When you get ready to use this bait, get a couple of corn pops and put on your hook and then get out about a fish full of the bait and make a dough ball around the corn pops. Pack tight and cast out into the lake or pond and get ready to catch some fish. Enjoy! more
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