How Do You Make A Gymnastics Balance Beam?

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1 Answer

Buying a balance beam from an equipment company can be very expensive. Fortunately, making your own balance beam can be accomplished fairly easily if you have knowledge of using power tools and hand tools. Using supplies from your local lumber store and craft store you can have a home made balance beam in as little as a few hours. The 4x4x8 piece of lumber will not need to be altered. The smaller piece of 4x4 lumber will be cut into the supports for the beam. Use your tape measure or a carpenter's triangle to cut four ninety degree triangle shaped pieces. Take your piece of suede fabric and wrap it around the 4x4x8 piece of lumber. Cut off any excess. On the side of the lumber that will be the bottom, pull the fabric very tight and staple the edges to the wood. Fold the end corners as you would a present, and staple the fabric to the wood. Now, going back to the wood blocks cut earlier, you will attach the beam supports to the beam. Place each support piece next to the beam. There ... more
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