How Do You Make A Handkerchief Baby Bonnet?

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1 Answer

Turning a handkerchief into a baby bonnet is a simple and sweet way to create a memorable baby gift. The bonnet can be used as a Christening bonnet or for everyday use. But, when the baby grows into an adult, the stitches can be pulled out and the handkerchief can be used to add a sentimental touch to a wedding day. Step 1 Iron the handkerchief. You might want to lightly starch it as well. Step 2 Place the hanky flat on a table. Step 3 Fold back one side about 1 inch. The edge you create with this fold will be the front of the bonnet. Step 4 Fold the other side back about 3 inches. There will be some space between the edges. This is just a guide. For a somewhat smaller bonnet, the edges can touch. Step 5 Iron the folded edges. Step 6 Open the larger fold and place a row of running stitches along the fold line. Knot just one end of the thread. Step 7 Refold along the pressed line. Step 8 Determine which side of the folded hanky is to face out. You can do it either way. For a cleaner, ... more
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