How Do You Make A Handmade Cigarette Case?

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1 Answer

A small, personalized cigarette box can be the ideal gift for almost any occasion. Even nonsmokers can use one to hold small items--such as office supplies, safety pins or earrings. Decorate the box to suit the recipient's taste or color scheme. Buy a wooden box--available at most any craft store--large enough to hold a package of cigarettes. Place the wooden box on a piece of paper. Make a template for the fabric by putting the bottom of the box on the paper and tracing around it. Flip the box so its side sits next to the outline and trace it again. Repeat this action with the the other three sides. You now have an outline for the bottom of the box that looks like a plus sign. Repeat this process for the box lid, as well. Place the outline on the fabric, centering it if necessary on the fabric's pattern. Using your outline as the template, cut out the fabric to fit the bottom of the box. Repeat this process to cut out the fabric for the box lid. Spread out newspapers in a well- ... more
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