How Do You Make A Home Made Spiderman Costume?

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1 Answer

Little boys love to dress up as their favorite super hero. It's one of the funnest things about Halloween. I have a few ideas on how you can put the costume together with very little money. Have your child wear their Spiderman footed pajama, or you could look for one at a thrift store or get one on ebay for cheap. Get a good, clear close up photo on the internet or in a book of Spiderman's face. Get some face paint in red, white and black from Fred Meyers, a thrift store, or another store that carry's face paint. paint your son's face making sure to get it all as even as possible. He will love it. I did this one year and my son sat perfectly still because he loved what I was painting on his face. You/he will get lots of compliments. more
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