How Do You Make A Homemade Slide Copier?

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1 Answer

Most photographers have at sometime experimented in shooting slide film. While more costly than traditional film, slide film was known for its accurate color reproduction. Commercial slide and film scanners are available for purchase, however if you own a digital camera you can easily build a slide copier with materials in your home. Cut two holes in the shoebox. The first hole will be in the center of the lid of the shoebox and should be slightly smaller than the actual slide. The slide needs to rest over the hole without falling through. The second hole will be in the center of the bottom of the box. This hole should be slightly larger than the top of the lamp shade that it will rest on. Attach the translucent glass, plastic or material diffuser to the inside of the shoebox lid over the rectangle hole you just made. Use duct tape along the sides to hold the diffuser in place. Place the shoebox on top of the lamp shade. The hole you cut in the bottom of the shoebox should allow it ... more
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