How Do You Make A Homemade Spirometer?

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1 Answer

What is a spirometer? People with respiratory disorders use spirometer to measure their lung capacity, and the readings are used to assess their lung function. A spirometer indicates how much air the lungs are taking in and releasing. The devices are used often by asthmatics to monitor their condition, and doctors can use them to diagnose certain conditions. A homemade spirometer can be used for experimental purposes. Seek out medical attention if you need to monitor or diagnosis a condition. Remove the cap from the plastic bottle, and drain the bottle of any soda. Rinse it out completely before tearing off the label. Put a piece of masking tape along the side of the bottle vertically. Pour 60 ml of water into a beaker. Add the water into the plastic bottle, and mark the water level on the masking tape with the marker. Repeat this process until the bottle is full. After cleaning the bowl, fill it with 4 inches of water. Fasten the cap on the plastic bottle. Turn the bottle over and ... more
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