How Do You Make A Homemade Tambourine?

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1 Answer

Music is a great way to entertain children, and they love to make noise. If you are looking for an easy craft your child can do, or you need a project for a music or Sunday school class, consider making a homemade tambourine. Follow these simple steps to make your homemade tambourine project simple and fun. Step 1 Purchase disposable aluminum pie tins or thick paper or plastic plates. You will need two plates for each child. Step 2 Punch holes through the rims of one pie plate every one inch or so. Step 3 Put the plates together and mark your holes on the second plate. Step 4 Punch holes at every mark on the second plate with a standard hole puncher. Step 5 Decorate the bottom sides of the plates as they will become the outside parts of your tambourine. Step 6 Use buttons, pebbles, beans or popcorn kernels to fill one pie plate. Step 7 Place the second plate on top and line up the punched holes with the first plate. Step 8 Thread yarn or ribbon through a hole and begin lacing the ... more
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