How Do You Make A Homemade Wooden Footlocker?

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1 Answer

Everyone needs a footlocker. Whether you turn it into a toy box, a camping gearbox, or your hope chest, a three- by six-foot box with a lid and a lock is just an essential. It's easy to make and will be filled up in no time at all. Go pine or go mahogany; leave it rough-hewn or sand it to a satin finish. This project will be used, never sold in a garage sale, and will probably pass down to your grandchildren. We begin with a simple pine footlocker just to get the feel of making one of these wonders. Building a Footlocker Step 1 Have the lumber company cut all wooden pieces to measure. Sand top and edges of wood. Stain with two or three coats, drying thoroughly between coats. Step 2 Nail the front and backsides of the locker box to the base. Fit the two short sidepieces in and nail them to the base. Nail all four sides together. Step 3 Make the lid in the same manner. Nail the long pine boards to the top. Fit in the sidepieces and nail to the top. Nail all four sides together. Step 4 ... more
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