How Do You Make A Honey Bee Feeder?

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A honey bee feeder can be used to supplement a bee's diet in fall or summer. Feeders are especially important for people who keep bee hives, as bees need to have a ready source of nutrition when flowers are in short supply. Build a honey bee feeder and fill it with sugar water to keep bees fed through the winter. Mix a sugar water recipe for your honey bee feeder. For fall feedings, mix two pounds of white sugar with one pint of water. For spring or summer feedings, mix one pound of white sugar with one pint of water. Never use brown or unrefined sugar as it's bad for bees. Boil the mixture until the sugar is completely dissolved and allow it to cool. Pour the sugar water mixture into a hummingbird feeder or hamster water bottle. Bees will be able to access the sugar water from either of these containers without endangering themselves. Use wire or twine to hang the feeder over hives, if you have them, or outside in trees if you don't. Secure the feeders to overhanging branches or ... more
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