How Do You Make A Horse Cart?


There are many gorgeous already-made horse carts available. However, these carts are usually expensive. For that reason, you might want to make your own instead of buying a pre-made cart. Plan ahead. Decide if you are going to make a miniature horse cart or a full size cart, depending on what size human it needs to carry and what size horse you need to hook the cart to. Consider whether you need four wheels or two for your project. Two wheeled carts are easier to maneuver, and generally much more preferable. Find a good supplier who can sell you quality parts for a decent price. Generally, ready made horse carts cost between three to five hundred dollars, so your DIY cart should cost less than that. Many people use Amish dealers for this, while others use local lumber supply stores. Take measurements of your horse. These will determine the measurements of your horse cart. Construct the seat of your cart. The wood needs to be light but durable and able to sustain weight. Cut the wood, o