How Do You Make A Hula Hoop Wreath?

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1 Answer

Whether you are looking to make a large evergreen wreath for Christmas or a natural wreath of twigs, grass or dried flowers, a hula hoop provides an inexpensive base for the wreath. Generally available in the toy section of department store, hula hoops range in size from 32 inches in diameter to 36 inches. Smaller or larger hoops may be available. Although they can be ordered online anytime of the year, those found in stores are generally limited to the summer season. Step 1 Select a hula hoop in the size you desire. Lightweight plastic hoops make the best base, as they are easy to work with and reduce the weight of the finished product. The color or design on the hula hoop does not matter, as this will be hidden from view. Step 2 Gather the wreath-making supplies. Lay the hula hoop on a table in front of you. Attach wreath wire to the hoop by wrapping it around the hoop rim and knotting. Lay the spool of wire in the center of the wreath. Step 3 Grasp a handful of your desired wreath ... more
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