How Do You Make A Jeans Waist Bigger?

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1 Answer

You don't have to part with your favorite pair of jeans, even when they start feeling a bit snug. It's easy to make the waist of those jeans a little bigger so you can still wear them with style. Step 1 Determine where you'll add the extension in your waistband. It's usually best to put one on each side. Step 2 Measure your waist to decide how much of an extension you need. This method works for small enlargements--nothing bigger than 2 inches. Step 3 Once you have that measurement, divide it in half. If you need an inch more space in your jeans, you'll make a 1/2-inch extension on each side. Step 4 Cut the elastic tape into two pieces about 1/2 inch longer than you decided you want the extension to be. Step 5 Measure your jeans' waistband where you want to put the extension. Measure a section that's half the size of what you want your extension to be. Let's say you want your waistband to be 1 inch larger. You'll extend it 1/2 inch on both sides. So make this measurement half of that ... more
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