How Do You Make A Jewelry Box Cake?

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1 Answer

A jewelry box cake amazes any little girl, or any jewelry lover. Using your imagination, you can customize a jewelry box cake to fit the personality of the person receiving it. Though it's time consuming, the result is well worth the effort. Decide which type of lid you want for the jewelry box cake. You can make a lid out of hardened chocolate or graham crackers. Melt colored chocolate pieces in a double boiler, and pour the chocolate into a wax paper lined cake pan, the same size of the cake. Let the chocolate cool until set and then remove it from the pan. Cut off a 2-inch section on the short side of the chocolate lid. Decorate it with white sugar pearls, colored icing or silver balls. Attach a small gumball near the center front of the chocolate lid for a handle. Set the lid aside and let the decorations set. Line four graham crackers in a row vertically, making sure the ends touch. Beneath that row, line up two graham crackers horizontally, making sure all the edges of the ... more
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