How Do You Make A Kaleidoscope Without Mirrors?

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1 Answer

Making a kaleidoscope without mirrors provides a fun way to view the outside world. A kaleidoscope distorts images and colors, making ordinary objects look unique, interesting and colorful. Kaleidoscopes made without mirrors use transparency film instead of mirrors to provide a reflective surface, allowing students from elementary to college levels to produce a kaleidoscope without handling sharp, breakable mirror pieces. Using a few household items, you can make a kaleidoscope in no time at all and enjoy the vibrant and flashy images your kaleidoscope can create. Trace the top of the paper towel roll onto the folder, and cut out the traced circle. In the center of the circle, punch a hole in the center of the circle with the hole punch. This hole will become the eye-hole for your kaleidoscope. Measure the outer edge of the circle with the compass. Mark every 1.5 cm around the circle and make small cuts with scissors on the marks. The cuts will form tabs around the edge of the circle. ... more
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