How Do You Make A Knife Stick In Knife Throwing?

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1 Answer

Learning how to throw a knife so that it will stick in a target requires a lot of effort. This is one of those tasks that requires a bit of practice. Everyone loves to see those movie scenes where the knife gets thrown and sticks into the intended target, straight as an arrow. To get to this level, you will make many throws that just bounce off and fall to the ground. If you are serious about knife throwing, start with purchasing a knife that is meant to be thrown. Throwing any other type of knife will result in a broken blade tip. The technique described her is based on the knife turning 1/2 turn, or revolution. There are other ways, but this method works well for short distances. Once mastered, you will be amazed just how hard you can throw a knife. Above all, be very careful when throwing knives and do not take chances--be safe, not sorry. Find a suitable target for the throwing knife. Make sure that the throwing area is clear of people and objects that you do not wish to stick a ... more
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