How Do You Make A Lakota Sioux Bow & Arrows?

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1 Answer

Lakota Sioux bows were typically self bows. This means that they were made from a single piece of wood. The bow is a double curved design where the grip is set back and the limbs curve out slightly at an angle. The bow curves back again at the tips. This design gives the bow strength and power. The Lakota bows are also shorter than most North American Indian bows as are the arrows which were usually graced with wild turkey feathers. The design of the bow and arrows was meant for hunting to sustain the tribe and not seen so much as a weapon. Use an Ash stick about four feet in length and approximately one inch in diameter from one end to the other. Any white wood will do. A green stick is the best since it bends more easily without breaking. To obtain the double curved shape of the bow, tie the stick around either a small tree or a pole. Pound two, 3 foot stakes in the ground on each side of the tree trunk. Stand facing the tree, hold the middle of the ash stick against the tree trunk ... more
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