How Do You Make A Latch For A Wooden Fence Gate?

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1 Answer

Here's how to build a latch for a wooden fence gate cheaply and simply. Some folks don't want to pay the outrageous prices they're asking for hardware nowadays when they can make something just as servicable themselves from scraps found around the shop or barn. This gate latch works fine and is easy to construct. First, cut a 10"" piece of 2x2 and drill an 1/8" hole 1" from one end. This will be the moving arm part of your latch that will hang from one post. Screw the 1x3 to the post loosely so it hangs where you want the latch, about waist heigth. Adjust the tension by tightening or loosening the screw pivot. Cut a piece of 2x2 and a piece of 1x4 to a length that matches the fence post's width. Glue the 2x2 to one long side of the 1x4. That will be your latch seat. Attach that with longer nails or screws to the other gate post, pre drilling will help prevent splitting. Set it's location by flipping the latch over as you would latch it and finding where it lays level on the seat with ... more
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