How Do You Make A Leather Mug?

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1 Answer

Although water usually damages leather, leather vessels such as mugs and tankards have been around since ancient times. Ancient leatherworkers devised a way to seal the leather using wax, ensuring that the contents would not harm the vessel and that it would not leak out. Creating waxed, watertight leather mugs at home requires simple leatherworking tools and a double boiler such as you would use for cooking. Wrap a strip of leather around a mug and pinch the ends together. Cut the leather down to that size using a leather knife. Leave two rounded flaps at both ends of the strip for a handle. Cut a D-shaped piece out of each flap to form a graspable handle. Then place the mug on a new sheet of leather and cut a circle around its base, leaving a 1/2-inch margin all the way around. This will be the bottom of your leather mug. Fold the strip of leather into a loop and hold the two flaps of the handle together. Use a pencil to mark the leather where your stitching will occur. Make a line ... more
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