How Do You Make A Longhouse Out Of Craft Sticks?

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1 Answer

Longhouses are found in cultures in America, Europe and Asia. The longhouse serves the purpose of housing a large family or many families in one shelter. Longhouses in North America are usually connected to the Iroquois. The structures were rectangle-shaped with two interior poles inside and a hole in the roof that could be opened or closed to let smoke escape. Using craft sticks, you can construct a model longhouse. Step 1 Glue three craft sticks together, end-to-end, to make one, long stick. Overlap the edges to make them stick together more easily. Allow to dry. Glue three more craft sticks together. Both of these long sticks will serve as the long walls of the house. Step 2 Attach two craft sticks perpendicular to the ends of the long stick you made in Step 1. Glue them into place. Add another stick perpendicularly in the middle. Repeat this step with the other long stick you made in Step 1. Allow glue to dry. Step 3 Glue craft sticks to the wall you made in Step 2 by laying the ... more
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