How Do You Make A Miniature Rope Halter?

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A miniature rope halter is used to lead and tie small livestock such as sheep, goats, small calves, and miniature horses and smaller ponies. According to Dennis Hartman, retired extension dairy scientist at Virginia Tech, rope halters are easy to make, inexpensive and adjustable. The nosepiece loop, the halter loop and the crown knot are common parts of every halter. Producing a utilitarian rope halter requires little more than rope, patience and practice. Kept clean and dry and hung properly when not in use, a rope halter is a durable piece of farm tack. Measure and mark 6 inches from one end of the rope. Untwist the rope to the 6-inch mark. Measure and mark 4 more inches and bend the rope over your left index finger at that mark. Have both the untwisted and long rope facing to your right. Raise the strand on top of the long rope by twisting clockwise with your left thumb. Press the center strand of untwisted rope under the raised strand and away from yourself. Raise the strand to ... more
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