How Do You Make A Mosaic Tile Planter?

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1 Answer

A mosaic tile planter can add color to your window boxes, front porch or indoor arrangements. It's a project that shows off your creative skills as you decide the shape of the planter you'll use and the size, color and shape of tiles. The pattern can be whimsical or geometric. Add accents to your design with small mirrors, colorful stones or broken pottery. This project requires very few tools and materials and doesn't require any special skills. Clean the planter thoroughly and dry it before you begin. Clay pots may absorb water during cleaning and take longer to dry than plastic or metal pots. Sketch your pattern onto the planter with a pencil if you're not using a random design. Apply a dab of clear-drying silicone caulk or Weldbond to the back of a tile. Press it into place on the planter. Clean up any glue or caulk on the exposed surface of the tile according to the manufacturer's instructions. Work your way around the planter until all the tile has been attached. Let the ... more
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