How Do You Make A Moving Mouth Puppet?

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1 Answer

Moving mouth puppets are a fun and easy project that can light a child's imagination on fire. Puppet making doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming and it can give you opportunities to start many new projects with the children involved. Follow these steps to start making moving mouth puppets. Practice drawing characters. Fold fleece in half and draw an outline of your character that's large enough for your hand to fit inside. Sew along the lines of the character while the fleece is still folded. Turn the fleece, character side down and cut along the outside edges of thread to remove your puppet. Put your hand all the way in to the puppets head and pull inside out. Use a pencil to push out the puppet's arms and fingers. Then use pencil to shove a tiny bit of stuffing into fingers and arms. Fold cardboard in half for your puppet's mouth. Use foam brush to dab the contact cement and brush it on the inside of the folded cardboard. Use a hair dryer to dry the cement for 15 seconds ... more
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