How Do You Make A Mullein Tincture?

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1 Answer

Mullein is commonly used as a tea or a tincture in remedies for congestion. The flowers also are steeped in an oil infusion used to relieve earaches and soften blockages caused by a buildup of wax. Making a mullein tincture only requires a few ingredients. Primarily, the recipe for any tincture calls for time. The longer you allow the herb to steep in the tincture solution, the more powerful your remedy will be. Harvest the approximately two quarts of mullein stems and flowers by making an angled cut near the base of the plant. Don't take more than 50 percent of the total plant so as to leave plenty behind for future use. If fresh mullein isn't available, purchase a half-pound of dried herbs from a natural food store or online through a reputable herb company. Shake the leaves free of any dust or insects. You can give the stems a rinse, but this isn't necessary unless the plant was covered in dirt. Break the stems into pieces and place them into the canning jar. If using purchased ... more
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