How Do You Make A Necktie Quilt?

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1 Answer

A necktie quilt is generally a remembrance quilt. It can be used to showcase the ties from one person or an entire group or committee. You can work the neckties into a number of different patterns. The Dresden plate design works especially well. Follow these steps if you would like to make a necktie quilt to honor a special person or simply to display a large array of discarded neckties. Step 1 Pick a pattern. The Dresden plate pattern works well, or you might want to sew your neckties directly on a quilt with a simple block design. Go to the Wisconsin History site and look at Allie Crumble's design for inspiration. Step 2 Plan the size of your quilt. Necktie quilts are generally wall hangings, so the size might be determined by the area where you would like to display it. Step 3 Buy your fabric according to your pattern instructions. You might want to bring your neckties along when you go to the fabric store so that the colors complement each other. Step 4 Prewash your fabric, dry ... more
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