How Do You Make A Paper Mache Mickey Mouse Mask For Halloween?

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1 Answer

Here it is . . . Part 2 of How to Make a Mickey Mouse Paper Mache Mask for Halloween. In this installment, you'll learn how to turn that big ball of paper into the beginnings of Mickey Mouse's adorable face. Pop the punching ball balloon. Once the three layers of paper mache - and, if you took my recommendation, the layer of sheer fabric - have FULLY dried, it's time to pop the punching ball balloon. Remove and discard all latex fragments. Now it's time to add your first coat of paint. I recommend using spray paint (almond, ivory, or white). Cover the entire 'mask'. Once the first coat dries, add a 2nd coat. Use your own judgement to determine whether or not a 3rd coat is necessary. Once all base layers of spray paint have dried, use a pencil to sketch the shape where you will need to add black paint. See the photo in the step below. Now it's time to add black, water-based acrylic to your mask. Follow your pencil marks with a paintbrush to get the correct shaping on the front of ... more
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