How Do You Make A Paper Race Car Track?

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1 Answer

If you have a child who enjoys playing with toy cars, you can make that experience even more fun by making a paper race car track at home. The beauty of this project is that it will cost very little but yield high results. Your child will love racing his cars around his brand-new paper race car track, and when he gets bored with it, you can always make a new one. Lay out the track. Use large rolled newsprint or other paper (the kind you find in schools for bulletin boards) for the base of your track. Cut it in a customized size based on the space you have available. Lay the paper out on a flat surface, such as a table or a hard floor, and gather the rest of your art supplies. Draw a road. Use a black marker or crayon to draw a winding road on your paper. Loop it over and around in a random fashion, or else model it after your own neighborhood or the major roads in your city or town. You can also model it after a real race track by making it in the shape of a large oval. Add a yellow ... more
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