How Do You Make A Party Tent Out Of Fabric?

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1 Answer

This method makes a fabric party tent that is customizable in terms of fabric choice and size. It has a quirky homemade look that can be enhanced by using different patterned fabrics sewn together to create a patchwork effect. Fabrics kept the standard width of the bolt are sewn together to make wide strips that will form the walls and ceiling of the tent, and as many of these long pieces as necessary are joined with Velcro to make the tent your desired size. The roof is suspended over a washing line tied securely between two fixed points at the same height. Assembling the Party Tent Step 1 Examine the area where you want to erect the tent, and consider the size you want the tent to be. Securely tie a washing line parallel to the ground between two fixed points at the height you want the upper line of the tent's ceiling to be. Step 2 Secure four poles into the ground so that they stand upright at equal heights to act as the four outer corners of the tent. Knot or duct tape a length ... more
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