How Do You Make A Pastor's Appreciation Candy Bar Story Card?

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1 Answer

A Candy Bar Card is a story that is recreated using candy and poster board. I received one of these candy cards in High School at my fast food workplace. I've also made these for several people through my life. They are a big hit. These instructions will help you make one for a Special Pastor. Every Candy story board is different, since each person has a different story. Once you look at Candy Bar names, your ideas will start rolling. Write them down on a pad of paper at the store so you don't forget. If you need A good variety of unusual or interesting or vintage candies, try Looking for the candy stores or shops stocking rare or nostalgic candies, and venture beyond the normal choice of candy that is in most stores. Have fun and be a creative with your candy card. The Pastor you give it to will cherish the memory forever! Be sure to personalize your story card and make it specific to their story. Buy whatever candy bars or gum or candy you need to suit your story. I will give you ... more
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