How Do You Make A Peppermint Candy Wreath?

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1 Answer

The red and white stripes of peppermint candy make an eye-catching wreath that is perfect for any patriotic occasion such as the Fourth of July. Alternately, dress up the wreath with some green ribbon and use it to decorate your front door or home during Christmas. While you can make a simple wreath by gluing the candies to a cardboard form, tying each one individually makes for a much more attractive and secure wreath. Create a wire form. Use the pliers to untwist a wire coat hanger and shape it into a circle, oval or even a heart. You can create any shape you like. Once you have finished shaping the hanger, twist the ends together to secure it. Use the wire cutters if you want the wreath to be smaller. Cut a long length of ribbon. Using a curling ribbon is best because it is coated with wax, which helps secure the candy. Tie one end of the ribbon onto the wreath. Bring the other end of the ribbon around to the wreath, forming a loop. Insert the wrapped end of one of the peppermint ... more
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