How Do You Make A Plant Leaf Mold Using Plaster Of Paris?

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1 Answer

Ancient leaf imprints are the most common fossil to be found. Kids can make their own plant leaf mold using plaster of Paris. Plaster of Paris is available at most craft and hobby stores. This is a good science project for kids and can also be used in the homeschool classroom to illustrate how fossils are made. The molds can be painted, or your child can label them with permanent markers to illustrate the different kinds of leaves they have made molds for. Grease the cookie cutters with vegetable oil and lay them down on the wax paper. Mix 1/2 c. plaster of Paris with 1 c. water in a disposable container. Butter containers work well. Mix until the plaster is creamy and a little thick. Spoon the plaster into the cookie cutters. Allow it to stiffen up for 15 to 20 minutes. Press a leaf into the plaster gently. Carefully peel it up, leaving the imprint behind. Dry the plaster overnight, then carefully push it out of the greased cookie cutters. Your leaf mold can now be decorated if you ... more
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