How Do You Make A Propane Burner Out Of Pipe?

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1 Answer

There are times when a simple propane burner would be a handy thing to have. You can use it to melt ice and snow, kill weeds or soften asphalt. If you are a home brewer, you can even use it to boil the wort and make beer. Using just two pieces of pipe and a few things easily scrounged from a gas grill, you can make a simple propane burner out of pipe. Step 1 Drill a 7/16-inch-diameter hole in the center of a 2-inch by 3/4-inch by 1/8-inch thick flat steel strip. Step 2 Drill a .050-inch diameter hole in the center of a 1/8-inch pipe cap. Step 3 Screw the pipe cap on the 1/8-inch by 8-inch pipe nipple. Put the pipe nipple through the hole in the steel strip until the cap bottoms on the strip. Weld the cap to the strip. Step 4 Center the steel strip on one end of the 2-inch by 6-inch pipe with the pipe cap side in the 2-inch pipe nipple. When you've got it aligned properly (the .050-inch hole will be in the center of the 2-inch pipe nipple and aimed straight in to the nipple), weld the ... more
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