How Do You Make A Race Car Valentine's Box?

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1 Answer

Put your creativity to work to make a moderately easy Valentine box for a race car enthusiast. Use self-drying modeling clay to form the body, then paint it, give it a number and attach movable wheels. Display this work of art far after the Valentine cards have been read and discarded. Use a Matchbox race car for a model because it is easy to replicate. There are links on the Internet that will give you a good selection. Wrap the shoe box and lid with white non-glazed wrapping paper. Glue the seams; this will keep any writing on the box from bleeding through. Mold modeling clay to form the sculptured hood, windows, roof, and trunk of the car on the lid of the box. Dry thoroughly and brush the entire box with gesso, an acrylic compound that helps paint stick. It will dry almost immediately. Following the picture of your model race car, begin painting in the details. Dry between each color change. Finish with a race car number. Use the bottom of a cup or a similar round object to trace ... more
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