How Do You Make A Rototiller?

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1 Answer

A rototiller is a machine that breaks up the ground for planting a garden, weeding or breaking up a tough surface. If the plot is small enough or you are not comfortable with all the mechanical parts of a gas-powered or electric machine, you can use tools you already own to make your own rototiller. Decide first how big a plot you need to turn. Be realistic about how much time you have to invest in the process of preparing your garden. A homemade rototiller, one you make from various parts on different tools, will require more time to do the same job as a mechanical one. Look at the tools you currently have in your shed. You will need a mattock, a shovel, a stiff-tined hoe, a flat hoe and a rake. The various tool parts should be already strongly attached to good, strong handles. Make sure the handles are long enough so you won't have to bend over too far. You should be able to swing the tool and hit the ground with little bending. Use the mattock to break up the area in which you'll ... more
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