How Do You Make A Scooby-Doo Costume?

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1 Answer

Scooby Dooby Doo! Your child can be magically transformed into this lovable cartoon character within an afternoon with this easy costume quick fix. No sewing is required when a little creativity is used. Your child's costume is both comfortable and warm enough to wear on a cold Halloween evening. Step 1 Purchase a brown hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants. These should be a dark brown, if possible. Select your child's appropriate size. The hooded sweatshirt can be a pullover or a zip-up sweatshirt. Step 2 Paint spots on the shirt and pants. Use black fabric paint to outline four-inch splotchy spots on both garments. Fill in the spots with the paint. Use a picture of Scooby Doo as a model. The spots do not need to be perfect. Set aside to dry completely. Step 3 Get mittons. Black or brown mittens would be appropriate. Paint spots on the mittens. Smaller spots would be appropriate on the mittens. Allow to dry. Step 4 Cut out ears from the brown felt. Draw two triangles at least 5 inches ... more
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