How Do You Make A Seed Bead Loom?

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1 Answer

If you are an avid beader, you are likely acquainted with the expenses involved in this addicting hobby. The beads and other supplies that are necessary to create beaded works of art can be quite high. One way to trim expenses is to make the tools if you can. One tool that can easily be made is a beading loom. Learn how to make a seed bead loom and save your money for purchasing more beautiful beads to use on your new loom. Cut the board into three pieces. Cut one piece three feet long and cut the other two pieces into six-inch pieces. Place the long board flat on a work surface and glue the two smaller pieces to it on the ends. Screw two wood screws into each end to reinforce the ends. Screw a wood screw into the center of each wood end board. Leave these two screws extending out of the wood approximately 1/2 an inch to serve as anchors for the beading thread. Glue toothpicks to both outside end boards with the majority of the toothpick against the board and only approximately an ... more
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