How Do You Make A Shopping Bag Halloween Costume?

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1 Answer

Turn your 2- or 3-year-old into a shopping bag for Halloween. He can be safely and conveniently held by two parents or two older siblings while trick-or-treating. This is a low to no-cost Halloween costume for a very small child who still needs a lot of supervision, but is old enough to go door to door for the first time. Step 1 Prepare the shopping bag. Open a large department store shopping bag so that it sits empty and open on the floor. Have the child stand in the bag barefoot. Trace around the child's feet with a marker. Lift the child out of the shopping bag. Cut out holes using the tracings as your cutting guide. Place the child back in the bag and pull it up past the knees to make sure that the holes are large enough to permit the child to walk. If they are too small, enlarge them. Step 2 Reinforce the holes with masking tape so they will not rip. Tear 2-inch strips of masking tape and fold them over the holes. Stick 1 inch of the tape on the bottom of the bag at the edge of ... more
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